“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.” ― Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

Coffee is amazing.  It is the second largest commodity in the world and indeed, many of us have a personal relationship with it.  For as treasured and as imperative coffee is– it is also so much more than a drink. Coffee is synonymous with community. From its cultivation in the fields; to roasting; to brewing; it passes many hands before its final presentation in the cup. Since its discovery, coffee has reserved the remarkable honor of unifying people from all walks of life. The first coffee houses in London were affectionately known as “penny universities” and served as a place where minds could meet in order to exchange information. 

In 1674 a set of “Rules and Orders of the Coffee House” were published, and among various notes against gambling and swearing, it stated that any person from any walk of life could pay the penny entrance fee and gain access; and should “a finer person” of better station come, one’s seat did not have to be given up. It was “first come first serve”; with a ground-breaking emphasis on equality. And indeed, the coffee house lends itself to a unique and unequivocal bubble of society. The common thread of the coffeehouse environment is the coffee; how it is utilized is up to the guest–whether it be a place to relax on one’s own quietly; serve as a meeting place; or anywhere in between. It beautifully yields an environment like no other.  We believe that such a unique location deserves unique coffee. With rigid standards of quality, we have mindfully assembled our collection of ingredients and products. It is a privilege to get to host Tehachapi’s own home-grown coffee house. We are proud of what we have to offer.  We hope you are too.